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Bipartisan caucus to address postal issues

April 14, 2023
2023 04 14 at 4.34 PM


On Monday, April 10, U.S. Representatives Brittany Pettersen (D-CO) and Ken Buck (R-CO) announced the formation of the Delivering Postal Solutions Caucus, a bipartisan coalition of lawmakers dedicated to working together across district and state lines to share their constituents’ postal experiences and request updates and answers from USPS about subpar service. While failures at USPS affect all Americans, the caucus will also focus on the specific challenges rural communities face in areas where post offices struggle to hire and maintain a workforce.

Pettersen also sent nearly 250 complaints about postal service issues from her community to Postmaster General Louis DeJoy last week. Pettersen has been collecting these responses from across Colorado’s 7th Congressional District and calling for action, as her constituents have been experiencing extensive delays in mail delivery, complete halts in package delivery in some areas, and issues with ZIP Code assignment and P.O. boxes.

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