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Big Sky post office set to close in 2023 without USPS help

October 21, 2022
2022 10 17 at 5.33 PM


Big Sky, MT post office has exceeded capacity in current facility, leading to a potential closure

The Big Sky Post Office has been managed by Gallatin Partners since 2002. This March would be their twenty-first year in their current facility. Vice President of Gallatin Partners, Al Malinowski, says when the post office moved into its current facility, it was half the square footage of what they originally planned.

“We had a decision right there, we knew that our new post office back in 2002 was going to become outgrown sooner than if it was 4000 square feet,” says Malinowski.

The United States Postal Service leases the post office to Gallatin Partners, who run it. They say they have reached out to USPS multiple times asking to move the post office into a bigger building to accommodate the growing community.

They say they have gotten nowhere and have decided to terminate the lease and close on February 28, 2023. A USPS corporate official says that Big Sky does not need a bigger post office based on its population and released this statement:

“In order to minimize disruptions to our valued customers, local postal management will notify customers about the proposed closure and provide options for their mailing needs, which will meet our universal service obligation.”

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