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Amazon extends US Postal Service returns pilot

October 19, 2022
2022 10 19 at 5.32 PM


Amazon’s US operation has extended its returns service using the US Postal Service. The service, which is cheaper than using UPS, was originally piloted between 5th September and 2nd October but the pilot has now been extended to the 1st November.

The alternative returns offering via the US Postal Service applies to parcels under 15oz (approx 420 grammes) under the Amazon Prepaid Returns Label (APRL) programme.

The service is cheaper for Amazon customers, and Amazon reimburses the difference in cost for using the postal service after the return has been made. Amazon doesn’t tell customers just how much cheaper it is until the customer has worked out how much the cost difference is and requests a refund. Customers have also fed back to Amazon that the service should be automated with Amazon making the cost calculation.

In this week’s announcement, Amazon said it heard the feedback. “Based on your feedback, we’ll automatically reimburse all eligible returns by December 1, 2022. If you have not submitted a claim yet, there is no need to do so and we will automatically refund you by December 1, 2022.”

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