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Access Issues with USPS LiteBlue

May 19, 2023

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There have been some concerns over the past week regarding difficulties employees are having accessing LiteBlue at the local level.


About 10% of logins are failing for a multitude of reasons, including incorrect password, new device and location, and known bad IP address. 


For the new device/location, CISO did make a change to loosen the restrictions, but there are real reasons that could indicate potential fraud and they are ensuring due diligence which is evidenced by the statistics for the last pay period when USPS received “0” reports of new fraud.


While we understand concerns with users getting locked out of the system requiring additional attempts, CISO must continue balancing the user inconvenience with the risk of fraudulent activity.


We will continue to keep you updated as CISO works through these issues.


–Tom Blum, USPS Vice President, Labor Relations

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