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A day in the life of a USPS Carrier

September 28, 2022
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USPS Rural Carrier Theasa Brenning says some mornings can start with two to three hours of sorting packages and letters in a process called “casing.” Brenning tells me this helps keep the mail organized and easier to deliver.

“If it’s a route that you don’t know really well, casing it and getting everything in order can sometimes melt your brain,” says Brenning. “You’re spinning in circles, looking at addresses and everything kinda looks the same after a while, but it gets easier.”

Brenning tells me some days are longer than others because they don’t have enough drivers. She tells me the headaches and difficulties are worth it when she gets on her route.

“My favorite things are definitely the customers and the animals,” says Brenning. “You really get to know the people even if they don’t know you, you get to know them.”

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