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A Christmas miracle: Postal carrier survives horrific crash

December 27, 2022
2022 12 27 at 5.40 PM


Multiple crashes over the last few days resulted from a winter storm and blizzard that hit West Michigan. Two daughters of one survivor involved in a horrific crash spoke with FOX 17.

“It’s hard to see someone so full of life and happy and telling jokes bruised and bleeding and covered in glass,” said Kendra Jones.

Just two days before Christmas, her mother, Dora Schweiger, was driving her postal truck along M-57 near Shaner Avenue when she was involved in a head-on crash with a semitruck.

The accident was one of many that took place after a winter storm swept across West Michigan.

“She has broken basically both arms, both wrists, her pelvis bone, her tailbone, both legs, both feet and she has a broken ribcage,” explained Jones.

Her mom has worked at the post office for several years. Kendra and her sister Paige were at home when they got the call. They were both shocked, but grateful, that the crash didn’t cost their mom her life.

“You just see the photos; you would think that the person did not make it. She thankfully has no brain damage; she doesn’t have any teeth missing,” said Paige Jones.

“Her spine’s intact; she’s not paralyzed; she can wiggle her toes and fingers,” added Kendra Jones.

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