You’re complaining about a nickel increase in cost of stamp? Think about what it does

Forever stamps last forever, regardless of when you bought them or how much you paid. Buying a sheet of 20 stamps now will save you a dollar.

I bite my tongue. I mean, just how cheap are you?

You tip wait staff 18 percent to 20 percent, and they only go as far as the kitchen and back a couple times.

You put a stamp on an envelope, clip it to the mailbox, and a carrier picks it up and takes to the post office. (You don’t even have to put on shoes.)

Someone else puts it on a truck and drives it to a processing plant, where another worker loads it into a machine that sorts it by size and shape, turning envelopes and packages so they are right-side up and facing the same direction.(Cool, right?)

Your letter gets postmarked, scanned and sorted by ZIP code.

Depending on where it’s going — south to Tucson, east to tiny Louisville, Ohio; up to 10,200 feet in Leadville, Colorado; or all the way to the southernmost point of Key West, Florida — it’s trucked or flown to the next processing plant.

(I drove from Arizona to Florida once. I’ll never do it again.)

It’s sorted again and driven to yet another post office. (I’m exhausted just thinking about it.)

Then carriers load up, drive to the right street, park, load a bag with mail and — regardless of snow, rain, heat (and in Arizona, it is brutal) or gloom of night — deliver the letter to its intended recipient.

For 55 cents


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I’ve always wondered how much it costs (from start to finish) to produce a new stamp. If there was just a few stamps, in different denominations…..wouldn’t that save a bundle of money? Someone has to design…another has to decide which designs to use…these designs have to be readied for printer… and how much does it cost to print and put adhesive ? Lord have mercy, we don’t even have to “lick” the darn things anymore! Now….just think of how many stamp collectors are going to be sending me nasty messages. I’m not going to answer….this is just my opinion….the USPS… Read more »