March 24, 2023
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4 years ago

This is a huge mistake! The sanctity of the mail will be jeopardized! Not all vendors are vetted like a Usps employee. What happens when I approach a mailbox that is filled with a 3rd party package and I can’t utilize it? Will I as the mail carrier be compensated for removal and walking to the door for the 3rd party?

Reply to  Monica
4 years ago

probably not but scan it as ‘no access’…

Robert Brunette
4 years ago

Why publish such an ignorant idea? The Postal Service IS NOT, I repeat IS NOT LOSING MONEY. Please examine the facts before you publish this Republicsn bull shit.

Reply to  Robert Brunette
4 years ago

agree…. look at the grievance $$ that is paid out…

4 years ago

Ha most mail Boxs don’t even hold the mail so are they just going to hang packages all over it so that we can get mail in the box? Probably so as I see this a lot on the rural side. Even down on the ground where they just leave it in rain,

Reply to  Ams
4 years ago

Sorry but the rural side doesn’t hang shit on the box! That would be another service or all these shitty new amazon workers!

Rhonda S. Pfaff-Eaves
4 years ago

i don’t want more than me and my mailperson putting anything in MY mailbox. too many sticky hands. look what is happening to parcels at your front doors!

4 years ago

Like the article says, by law only the mail carrier and the resident have access to the mailbox. I don’t think most residents would want that! I know I wouldn’t! The law would have to be changed and I don’t think that will happen