Yakima postal workers forced to continue to work outside despite freezing conditions

YAKIMA, WA — For months now, workers at a Cle Elum Post Office have been handling mail outside despite freezing weather conditions.

In mid-September, a pipe burst in the post office located on East 1st Street in Cle Elum, causing the building to flood.

“The people that are working there are working in some pretty extreme conditions, and I’m just thankful that they are doing their job to help service,” Kittitas County Commissioner, Laura Osiadacz, said.

Since then, postal workers have been stationed outside, handing people their mail in an alley behind the building.

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Umm that’s our job ! Delivery in any conditions. What is the problem here?

Better working conditions makes one more productive. For the price of a heater and fuel you lose in overtime cost as things take longer. It is no different then carrying in “the gloom of night” sure they force it on us but what cost them 30 minutes when the human eye had an easier time reading in daylight now cost them 45 minutes.