Would Life Be Grim without Postal Shipping?

What would happen if the USPS raised prices for shipping packages, or was forced to stop delivering packages altogether? Those are questions the Package Coalition addressed in a tweet, painting serious consequences of life without USPS package delivery.
For small online sellers, the picture is especially concerning since they have little bargaining power as individual shippers, and so many rely on the Postal Service for shipping packages.
The Package Coalition, of which Amazon and the National Retail Federation are members, pointed to analysis by a consulting firm SLS Consulting that estimated the cost to American households of such changes to be between $16.2 billion and $35 billion annually – with between half and all of it benefiting the shareholders of UPS and FedEx.

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The USPS was never intended to be a parcel delivery company. Parcel delivery is dominated by UPS, they have the necessary infrastructure needed to handle parcels. USPS is designed for curb side delivery of small items.

Not true. USPS was the main package deliverer until UPS lobbied Congress and was permitted to deliver packages.

Absolutely not! Postal Service was never designed to be a parcel carrier