Would-Be Postal Regulators Pledge to Hold Mailing Agency More Accountable

Two potential U.S. Postal Service regulators want to take new steps to ensure the mailing agency is delivering mail on time and meeting all of its performance goals, the nominees told lawmakers on Tuesday.

Ann Fisher and Ashley Poling would fill two vacancies on the Postal Regulatory Commission, which approves USPS rates, tracks negotiated agreements and provides other oversight functions. Members of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee expressed support for the nominees, both of whom formerly worked for the panel.

Fisher has spent the last 12 years at PRC after her experience on Capitol Hill, while Poling has spent the last five years working on postal issues for Democrats on the committee. Both nominees said finding ways to incentivize USPS to meet its goals would be a key priority if confirmed to their roles.

“The No. 1 issue is performance,” Fisher said.

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you want delivery at all, better start hiring people. You have people working 6 days a week and over the evals. Humans get tired and stressed out. You can’t even figure out why?

Safety, speed, accuracy, all key ingredients to performance. I think tomorrow I’ll call in “unsafe”
I’m so exhausted from my 5 day week, that day 6 is gonna b unsafe:my mind & body have Not recuperated!

Start organizing and complaining to DOL. You have so many examples of bad management, organize. Screw the current Union, abandon it and start a new one, a better one.