Work-life balance, poor management plague Postal Service employees

U.S. Postal Service employees are less satisfied with their jobs than their counterparts in the private sector or at other government agencies, according to an Oct. 8 report from the Post Office’s Inspector General.

The findings draw from employee surveys issued by the agency itself, as well as reviews and surveys posted on job sites such as and

“While postal workers play an essential role in the operations of the Postal Service, high non-career turnover rates, declining ratings, and multiple survey results indicate postal workers enjoy contributing to the Postal Service’s success but may sometimes feel dissatisfied or unengaged with their work,” the report stated.


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When they treat you like dog they will continue to have turnovers especially in the new hires.

The postal service is a sweat shop with goons for management.

Management is the cause for the PO being a SINKING SHIP

Management is at the lowest of low for workplace morale and violence threats daily. Needs complete overhaul that will never happen so…