Wonder How You’re Going to Go Back to Work? Watch the Postal Service

Having helped many of us stay safe at home during the pandemic, the Postal Service may now be leading the way in terms of setting the protocols that will need to be in place when, eventually, everyone else returns to work and school.

As Government Executive reported last month, the Postal Service will begin testing a temperature screening protocol at facilities in Virginia and Oklahoma which will check employee temperatures on a daily basis with the goal of screening for those who may be infected with the novel coronavirus, so they can immediately quarantine and avoid placing others at risk.

Screening for fevers has become an interesting tool of public health analysis, as shown by the data collected by one smart home thermometer company which has developed and published a strikingly accurate healthweather.us tool that predicts coronavirus hotspots based on “atypical fevers” detected by the devices it has sold to consumers for home use.

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BULL SHIT!!!!!!!!!

We’re a little late to the party as far as testing employees and customers temperature before they enter a postal facility… Amazon has been doing this protocol for months….but alas, Kristen Server is heading the postal service Covid-19 response team…and she’s about as incompetent as they get. So it’s no surprise employees lives have been lost under her watch