Woman uses ‘C-word’ slur towards Asian employee at Los Altos post office

Community members are outraged after a woman was caught on camera using a slur toward a United States Postal Service employee in Los Altos.

In the video, the woman, wearing a mask is yelling at the USPS worker, “Can you just do your job?! It’s simple!”

After some more shouting the woman can be heard saying “c***nk” under her breath. Bystanders in line quickly jump in to denounce the slur.

“That’s not acceptable! No it’s not! Totally NOT okay!” Brumfield said. Another customer can be heard calling police and reporting the incident.

Another few seconds passes and the woman, who at one point herself has “been in this country 38 years,” looks directly into the phone camera and says the “c” slur again, much louder and storms out.

I spoke with Brumfield about why he wanted to document the incident and share it with the Bay Area.

“The reason I did it was to spread awareness and to let people know that this is happening all around us. We live in Silicon Valley and this is happening in Los Altos California,” said Brumfield via Zoom.

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