Windham postal worker, veteran retires after 49 years

After 49 years of service delivering packages and post to the residents of Windham, Richard Mullett is ready to hang up his mailbag.

Mullett began his career with USPS at 25 years old. Now with a 49-year-career under his belt, he will officially retire on Tuesday. He said he chose that date because it is significant for two reasons: it’s his mother’s birthday and also the day he got home from the Vietnam War.

“I was drafted right out of high school,” Mullett said. “I think half of my senior class went to Vietnam.”

Mullett was part of the 25th Infantry Division, Tropic Lightning. Recalling how the group was ambushed constantly, he said they had the worst combat record of any crew in Vietnam. Mullett was wounded twice during his five months in combat and spent two months recovering in the hospital. His last stint in the services were spent at Fort Hood, Texas.

Among the honors he acquired during his service were two Purple Hearts, a Bronze Star and an Army Commendation Medal. The latter was earned by uncovering explosives buried in a village.


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Thank you for your service.