Widow Urges Outdoor and Mailbox Safety After Grinnell Postal Worker Dies From Wasp Sting

GRINNELL, Iowa — Working his dream job for over 30 years, Grinnell knew they could count of Dwayne Kriegel to deliver the mail rain or shine.

“His patrons loved him.  They set bottles of water out for him in the heat and hot cocoa for him in the winter months,” said his wife, Tammy.

Last Thursday while on his mail route, Dwayne was stung by wasps while reaching into a mailbox.  Tammy said, “He was stung multiple times in his right hand and we don’t believe he could get his EpiPen open. They found it lying right beside him.”

Having developed an allergy to wasps just two years ago, Dwayne went into anaphylactic shock and suffered a heart attack but not before calling his wife with his left hand.  “I looked everywhere. I called 911. The police came and the fire department and city workers.  They did chest compressions and shocked him back to life.”

They life-flighted him to Methodist Medical Center in Des Moines, but he died Tuesday morning.  “He was without oxygen for 14 minutes, and when that occurs your brain swells.  It was irreversible damage where he was never going to wake up,” said Tammy.


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