Why we need to fight for the United States Postal Service

At some point, we’ve all looked forward to getting something in the mail. Whether it was a letter from a friend, a card celebrating a special occasion, or a package of our favorite things, there is no doubt that sending and receiving mail through the United States Postal Service (USPS) has been an experience for us all.

USPS continues to be a critical piece of infrastructure helping many individuals and households in our society navigate daily life. It has weathered many challenging times in our nation’s history and continues to provide relief on the front lines of the current global pandemic. What many of us might take for granted is the significant role the USPS plays in our lives, as it keeps our day to day society moving and connected. Individuals across the country rely on the affordability and accessibility of USPS to receive critical supplies such as food, prescriptions, household items, information from the U.S. Census, and social security and Medicare checks and communications. Without a doubt, the Post Office is an essential service.

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