Why the U.S. Postal Service Ended Up With Gas-Guzzling Trucks

The world is going wild for electric vehicles, but not the United States Postal Service. The agency said earlier this week it is moving forward with a plan to replace its current mail trucks with a new fleet powered almost entirely by internal combustion engines. The $6 billion contract with defense contractor Oshkosh calls for up to 165,000 mail trucks to be delivered over the next 10 years. The vehicles get between 8.6 and 14.7 miles per gallon.

The decision has been met with frustration by many, including the Environmental Protection Agency, which has repeatedly spoken out about the effects a gasoline-based fleet could  have on the environment. But however obvious the EPA and President Joe Biden’s administration believe the detrimental effects of such trucks are, the outcome of any debate over what to purchase was pretty much guaranteed to be the outcome we now have.

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The USPS is moving forward with gasoline powered vehicles. Screw Biden and his stupid electrical vehicles!

Come on people I’m all for helping the environment but we are a business think we would have to install charging stations and security at all post offices when repairs needed not too many skilled locally for electric repair it just would not be fiscally possible right now they can’t even maintain trucks now I haven’t had heat in four weeks nobody cares

Ford has a complete auto division to set up all the electric infrastructure needed for an electric fleet. FedEx, UPS, and Amazon don’t seem to see any problem with going Electic. In rural areas, many routes have to deviate out of the way to find a gas station. some towns don’t have one so ALL carriers have to use private cars. Yeah, a charging station would mean they could have electric postal trucks. Also, It sucks to have to refuel a gas guzzler every day because the truck doesn’t make it two days and oily get time paid for fueling… Read more »

Gas works all the time and if you run low you can go to the gas station. What happens when your delivery vehicle is out of juice, it takes up to 3 hour to get a charge, the mail can’t wait. The USPS has experimented with electric vehicles before and they are impractical to use. Biden and his Green agenda would destroy the USPS.

Why can usps have both ? Vehicles gas and electric?. Also, that vehicle is so damm ugly. I seen those small mini vans…..

The deployment will likely be so slow and take so long making them all-electric likely wouldn’t slow anything down. convince me USPS will get them delivered to offices fast. Why doesn’t anyone talk about how that ‘final’ truck was never tested in the decision process. it looks like a total concept. There is no room for that I-4 engine under the hood. Drivers window looks terrible (like one of those weird 8o’s Subarus}, left window is fixed, no vents in the rear?no left window (like FFV) so a huge blind spot, it hangs what to low. you’ll scrape all over… Read more »

EV is fully charged for you at the start of the day. The range can be ordered before production. your point is lost. Type ordered could be charged in less than 20 min. Remember, you have to check your vehicle when you arrive in the morning. How many hours does it take waiting for service to come replace a bad tire at the last minute because you didn’t precheck your truck? hmmm. EV.s before? at the same time as the first cell phones? yeah, cell phones are impractical to use because technology never improves things.

Zoom Zoom.
The truck has a curb weight of 5,560 pounds. 5,560 + 2,941 = 8,501 pounds. 8,500 pounds is the dividing line between heavy duty trucks and light duty trucks.
So a Ford Focus I-4 engine is going to make for a great truck with AC running and pushing 4 tons of metal and Amazon??????? If you think so, that is some great crack you’re smoking. lol

EV vs Gas

Has anyone priced a replacement battery for EV vehicles? Sweden charged one customer
28K. He burned the car to the ground.