Why The U.S. Post Office Is In Trouble – 678,539 Employees And A $9.2 Billion Loss In 2020

In order to survive, the USPS must pick a lane: Is the organization going to operate like a private company or a government agency? If it chooses the latter, it should be more transparent about how it spends its money.

Even though it benefits from its status as a federal agency, the USPS does not participate in usaspending.com, a searchable database of federal spending, contracts, and grants that was created by Senators Barack Obama (D-IL) and Tom Coburn (R-OK) in 2006 to provide accountability in federal spending.

The USPS has also rejected our attempts under the Freedom of Information Act to open the books on its vendor-checkbook spending. Despite repeated FOIA requests to make its spending checkbook transparent, to date, the USPS has denied production of its financial records.

In fact, USPS told OpenTheBooks that releasing would compromise the integrity of its procurement and the privacy of its vendors.

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There are too many people drawing a check not actually delivering the mail. The routes are all overburdened and most office are running on a skeleton crew of carriers.

400,000 being of do nothing managers. Trim their fat!