Why some post office employees just aren’t showing up to work, and how it’s affecting DC

A frustrated probationary employee at D.C.’s Brentwood Post Office texted 7News, “Enough is enough. I’m a city carrier assistant, Washington D.C.”

With the text, he sent us photographs of bundles of mail lying around undelivered, he said because letter carriers are not showing up for work and there are not enough assistants like himself to get the mail out, though they often work 12 hours a day. He contacted us with the understanding we would not reveal who he is for fear of losing his job.

When we called him for more information, he said mail is being delivered sporadically because the managers there are only interested in parcels, where the postal system makes more money.

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A postal worker in Florida was fired for pretending to have a kid to obtain COVID leave pay outs. The union is fighting to get her job back, after she forged federal documents to obtain benefits. The payouts are generally double what a carrier generally makes that actually works.

I’ll bet the Amazon parcels are being delivered. USPS only cares about getting Amazon parcels scanned. It’s commonplace for the actual Mail to sit for days. Congress continues to throw billions of dollars down the drain to support the failed Postal System.