Who Is to Blame for USPS Delivery Delays?

The most glaring problem could be due to the following finding from the report: “None of the 16 units achieved their goal of distributing mail to carrier routes after arrival from the processing center by 8:30 a.m., known as the Distribution-Up-Time (DUT), during September 2018.”
Specifically: “Our analysis identified that the DUT late scan times ranged from 30 minutes up to two hours.”
Why was that the case? The OIG continued, “During our observations, we noted that all 16 units received mail from the processing center late, incorrectly prepared, and required additional preparation time by the delivery unit staff.”
That might explain another of the OIG’s findings: “More than 18 percent of city carriers returned to their units after 7 p.m. and as late as 10 p.m. in fiscal year 2018, well short of the Postal Service’s goal of 95 percent of city letter carriers returning from street operations before 5 p.m., and 100 percent by 6:00 p.m.”

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We have seen distribution as late as NOON at our station. We are understaffed to the max. The pressure is then on city and highway carriers to make the desired time and to make the outgoing truck. Physically impossible on large heavy volume routes , but expected nonetheless and carriers are being harassed. It is unacceptable and violates in several areas. Our safety on the road , customer service becomes compromised, and supervisors cause a hostile work environment.
All strictly and expressly prohibited.

This is just one of many OIG audits which say the same thing… Management’s failure to get mail to post offices on time and in proper manner.. AND, OIG refuses to do a nationwide audit to find what it knows. To wit: This happens all over the U.S. and management does nothing about it except blame the carriers for not getting back on time. It’s like an airline being late to refuel an airplane and then blaming the pilot who had to leave late for not getting to the destination on time.