White House rejects House bill for emergency Postal Service aid

Help for the U.S. Postal Service landed in stalemate Sunday as the White House dismissed an emergency funding bill aimed at shoring up the agency before the November elections as “going nowhere” and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi urged senators to act quickly.

“The public is demanding action on this now,” Pelosi said. “I can’t see how the Senate can avoid it unless they do so to their peril.”

White House chief of staff Mark Meadows rejected the legislation the House passed late Saturday to provide $25 billion and block operational changes by Postmaster General Louis DeJoy. Meadows called it a “political statement,” stressing that President Donald Trump would consider additional money only as part of a broader coronavirus relief package.

“That bill was not a serious bill,” Meadows said. “And my conversations with a lot of the Democrats on Capitol Hill yesterday is, if you want to be serious about it, this president is willing to put forth money and reforms.”


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I approve of it Donald we need the stimulus..the Democrat wasn’t thinking about that..and how we American ppl and our kids are suffering right now cause if thus pandemic tgey just thinking about themselves and lining they pockets and this stupid post office bill

What about the postal workers. While people are sitting back collecting stimulus and unemployment meant to take care of their families online shopping has went p 150%. We as postal workers are breaking our backs working overtime delivering mail and packages. We don’t receive an hazard pay like fast food, supermarket and hospital staff. Now with this new post Master he’s trying to cut our overtime as if that’s going to help. Yall think yall had a problem with your mail and packages before. Just wait and see

Where has online shopping gone up 150%??? My granddaughters are constantly buying online from a variety of places and that is an out and out lie. You crying about overtime when many people don’t even have jobs and you mentioned other jobs getting hazard pay. Well, most don’t and you make 3 times what many of these workers makr. QUIT YOUR WHINING AND CRYING AND BE THANKFUL YOU HAVE A GOOD PAYING JOB AND WORKING FULL TIME.

Jeff just say thank you for your service. Or go work there

Every day is Christmas now. We work every day. If you have one day off once in 2 weeks and you’re lucky, then do not answer your phone. I’ve had calls asking for help at midnight to report ASAP. It’s like Santa being forced into endless night, but he only does it once a year. We’re tired. There’s not enough left to give. We’ve been shortstaffed and understaffed for years. Rubber bands only stretch so much. And we’re working TOO much while not being made full time. That’s why we have a high attrition rate. No hope.There comes a point… Read more »

Trump is 100 per cent right here.Would you give any money to this management that spent billions on automation then few years later throw the machines out. ? Congress should pass The postal Manangement reorganization act 2020 simple any manager who does not touch the mail your gone. Problems soloved.