White House, EPA urge U.S. Postal Service to reconsider gas-powered vehicle plan

WASHINGTON, Feb 2 (Reuters) – The White House and Environmental Protection Agency on Wednesday urged the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) to reconsider its plan to buy a new multi-billion-dollar fleet of primarily gasoline-powered delivery vehicles.

The Environmental Protection Agency sent a letter to the Postal Service on Wednesday urging it to hold a new hearing on its 10-year contract with Oshkosh Corp (OSK.N) that could be worth $6 billion or more to build up to 165,000 next-generation delivery vehicles.

White House Council on Environmental Quality chair Brenda Mallory said in a letter that EPA “has communicated grave concerns with the adequacy of the environmental review that the USPS has conducted to date.” She urged USPS to complete a supplemental environmental impact statement.


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No one cares that carriers are dropping dead from heat strokes because of the sweltering heat. The mail trucks can exceed temperatures of 120 in the summer.

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