Whistleblowers claiming USPS threw out, backdated ballots before election

A conservative law firm says that several whistleblowers from the United States Postal Service have come forward, alleging that thousands of ballots in some states were backdated, tampered with, or tossed out ahead of the 2020 election, to the disservice of President Trump, despite the Justice Department announcing Tuesday it has found no proof of widespread voter fraud.

On Tuesday, the Amistad Project said that multiple “whistleblowers” lobbed serious accusations of “multi-state illegal efforts by USPS workers to influence the election in at least three of six swing states.”

“Details include potentially hundreds of thousands of completed absentee ballots being transported across three state lines, and a trailer filled with ballots disappearing in Pennsylvania,” the group said.

One subcontractor alleged that over 100,000 ballots were improperly backdated on the day after the election so that they would be counted in Wisconsin, while another said they witnessed a vendor of Dominion machines and election officials in Pennsylvania tampering with voter machines.

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Trump 2020

Oh, how’d that work out?

I couldn’t even vote in my neighborhood because of a rogue, unstable postal worker, who has now destroyed/withheld my mail (family mail) since Aug. 3. She vindictively closed the PO Box we had for 10 years in Jan., then called the cops on me when I said “you’re making a mistake” Postmaster Joseph Smith was supposed to look into it, but he did not even visit the Lytle Creek Post Office on Valley Vista, apparently Nor did he contact me, as he said he would. While it may seem like a small matter, destruction of mail and vicious behavior targeted… Read more »