What’s in Louis DeJoy’s 10-year plan for the USPS

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy released his strategic vision for the U.S. Postal Service on Tuesday, an austerity plan designed to save the agency $160 billion over the next decade and position the agency more squarely in the package business.
The blueprint would cut post office hours, lengthen delivery timetables and raise prices, among other measures, and is being pushed forward even as congressional Democrats have clamored for the removal of DeJoy and the agency’s governing board amid step declines in delivery performance. It also comes as President Biden’s three board nominees await their confirmation votes. If they win Senate approval, Democrats and Biden appointees would have the votes to remove DeJoy, if desired.

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All ndc’s to be rdc’s. More annexes near plants.. Probably contractor staffed. Letters & flats to pd&c’s except for the mound of letters & flats mixed in with the parcels everyday that ndc’s now sort. Go after csrs employees. Truck all mail, no mail by plane. Limit retail hours… Now this will promote customer service. That’s All Folks!

Yeah, let the slaves (CCAs) do all the work. The business model needs to change where regulars are more flexible and have to participate in the struggle especially in a pandemic. Regulars should get paid straight time for Sundays and be forced to work overtime. Why are carriers clocking out at 4 with 5 routes sitting on the floor, that are overloaded with advertising mail.The turnover for non-career carriers is so high because management puts all the responsibility on people that have nothing to gain from carrying the load. You can’t fix stupid! The NALC is also culpable for not… Read more »