What’s different at the Post Office after Peggy Frank’s death a year ago in extreme heat?

WOODLAND HILLS >> One year after veteran mail carrier Peggy Frank died of overheating in her mail truck, U.S. Postal Service employees say noticeable changes have been made at the Woodland Hills Post Office to better protect workers from extreme heat.

Frank, 63, was found dead in her non-air conditioned mail truck on July 6, 2018, on an afternoon that temperatures in this suburban Los Angeles neighborhood had soared to 117 degrees. The Postal Service is challenging citations along with nearly $150,000 in penalties proposed by workplace safety investigators in the wake of Frank’s death.

Several current and former employees at the Post Office spoke to the Los Angeles Daily News on the condition of anonymity because of the Postal Service’s strict policy forbidding employees from speaking to reporters, which can result in formal warnings and other punishment.

“After her death, they started giving ‘stand-ups’ constantly on how to recognize heat illness, heat stroke, what to do if they think you have it and they started telling a little bit more about how to hydrate,” one interviewee said.  “A complaint I always had was that they didn’t tell you how to properly hydrate … that you should be drinking all night, all morning before you go outside. Then, they started changing that.”

The stand-up or safety talks, which are generally given by supervisors in the morning, are now given on a near-daily basis at the Post Office whereas they were delivered more sporadically before, according to employees.


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The Postal Service has done absolutely nothing to help us carriers in the heat. Our vehicles are over 30 years old and wreak of gasoline and burnt oil as well as exhaust fumes. The Postal Service deserves every fine they receive as well as a wrongful death lawsuit for Peggy Franks death. A worthless supervisor who knows absolutely nothing about mail delivery giving a safety talk is a total waste of our time. How many deaths will it take before tangible safety measures are taken?

I agree, some delivery supervisors have no idea what it is like delivering mail in the extreme heat. And for the ones who said they use to carry mail, why are they not carrying mail now! Umh I wonder why?

I am a window clerk in a station with carriers. I listen to the postmaster complain that she doesn’t want to have to sit in a hot LLV all day when she has to do driver observations on city carriers. So, how do you think they feel doing it all day without air, all week, all month, all year??? SMH they simply don’t care past getting the mail out and looking good on Telecons!!

This is from Rochester, NY it’s also gets mighty hot here. Who is the mfg. of these piece of garbage they are old and woren out and they can’t figure out why they catch fire? We all need to rally to get these people New vehicles

Post office trucks with letter carriers having heat strokes same as in the past, Coal Miners having black lung disease that was in the 1960’s this is 2019, nothing has changed.

If only people would stop and think why they have never put air conditioning in postal vehicles 1) carriers would be out there longer and wouldn’t be back before there evaluation which could cause them to get overtime. 2)it would cost them more money in gas which is more important than someone’s life. 3) management would be there longer which could cost them to have to pay overtime to management. I could go on and on but it would be to long so let’s just say etc. you can get the general idea.

I believe air conditioning would bring the carriers back earlier because there would be no heat fatigue slowing down the body, fogging the brain.. Maybe after paying fines will make them realize carriers are people not machines

Management gives talks about heat prevention. These preventive measures, like drinking 8 oz water every 15 minutes, take more time on the route. Then management tries to discipline carriers for taking more time when it’s hot. The result? Some carriers skip the preventive measures so they won’t get harassed by management.

Nothing has changed….the USPS postmasters just want the mail delivered….I am from 18052 Zip code and my post master gets totally pissed off when somebody comes back after 6pm, because it’s a reflection on him. He even through his own phone when somebody clocked back into the office after 6pm.
Get new management….that might help

More stand up talks telling everyone it’s hot outside. That way upper level management can wipe their hands and say “well we told them”.

Absolutely nothing has been done!!

I was attacked by a dog hurt and bleeding! And do you know what my supervisor asked? So are you gonna go do this other route or do you wanna go home or to the doctor? Wtf

Since Peggy Frank passed away all of our LLVs were recalled by maintenance and they replaced the old fans. We were told that the vehicle is not to move if the fan doesn’t work but I don’t know if that has been tested if a station was short of vehicles yet. All the carriers were issued two “cooling wraps” to soak in water. But they were so short most come undone and have fallen off to be lost. Many carriers had already gotten their own cooling towels and sleeves, taking advantage of the newer technology and desert war experience. There… Read more »

What has changed? Not a thing. And after Yesterday here in New England when a carrier was hit head on and the vehicle just blew apart, I am realizing just how unsafe these vehicles are. I think the days of the aluminum toaster oven need to be over.

The constant standups with information that we can’t use – take your breaks somewhere with A/C, stay hydrated – how do we do that when public places and bathrooms are hours apart on our routes. On Saturday, I have ONE bathroom on a 5 hour delivery. And I have nowhere with A/C on Saturdays. It looks to me like they are giving lip service to the problem, as long as they don’t actually have to DO anything. “We TOLD them..it’s not OUR fault”.

They should have inhouse teaching and testing, like nursing, to be sure people are learning the material. I do not think it does any good to just talk about it w/o knowing if people are digesting it.

This is all a lie.i was training to use the postal trucks and it was 107 degrees outside. Inside the truck it was 117. I was feeling ill and my head started hurting. I got yelled at and was told we told you to bring cold water. I said i do have a big bottle of frozen water but it melted already. Then i was expected to bring a lunch and leave it in my car it spoiled from the heat. I was told this is how its going to be if you can not handle the heat then this… Read more »