What Could Happen if the U.S. Postal Service Stopped Delivering Mail

At this point, it’s hard to envision what, exactly, sending mail without the USPS would look like, but we can speculate, at least. In fact, this is something Scott Potash, co-founder of Postable, a web-to-print greeting card service, has given a lot of thought, considering how dependent his company is on the USPS. Let’s start with the big question: How would we send letters? Without the USPS, there wouldn’t be any viable way to send letters at all, according to Potash. “UPS and FedEx do not offer cost-effective ways to send anything other than boxes or flat pack envelopes,” he tells Reader’s Digest. “To send a letter via UPS or FedEx will cost consumers five times the price of a first-class stamp now, at a minimum.”

So if you thought that disbanding the USPS would mean lower prices for mailing letters, Potash says, to think again: “With a huge competitor out of business, [UPS and FedEx] rates will likely go up meaningfully.” In addition, he says that if UPS or FedEx does step in to deliver letters, they will likely charge according to weight and distance. “So rural areas, and in particular far-flung areas like Alaska, Hawaii, parts of the rural lower 48, will be incredibly expensive to send mail to,” he adds.

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