What actually happened when mercury spilled in the Coppell mail center?

The spill happened on Aug. 7, 2018. The sender of the package was an unidentified woman who later told postal investigators she found a 25-pound stash of mercury in her outdoor shed, documents show. Then she hooked up with a buyer on the Internet and shipped it to them.

I hear you asking, “Who keeps 25 pounds of mercury in a shed?”

Unfortunately, the documents didn’t identify the woman. So I couldn’t track her down. I did check to see if people sell mercury online and like everything else, the answer is yes.

Two packages were involved. One weighed 26 pounds and the other 22 pounds.

The spill was discovered at 1:30 a.m. Managers were notified.

In a script for the employee hotline later that day, the initial message delivered from a top manager stated, “We have been advised that it is safe for employees to continue working at the North Texas plant. … All employees should report to work as scheduled.”

That turned out to be wrong.


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