‘We’re still here for you’: Letter carriers put their health on the line to deliver mail to the nation

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — With more people staying at home and waiting out the novel coronavirus, U.S. postal workers are providing an important lifeline.

The essential employees continue to go out into communities each day and deliver the mail, putting their own health and safety at risk.

With millions of Californians hunkered down at home, people like letter carrier Rebeckah Gold are making sure no one goes without the essentials. But she is delivering more than mail and packages to the Sacramento community she’s served for 13 years, she is providing a sense of normalcy and routine.

“We’re still here for you,” Gold said.

Like many delivery workers right now, Gold worries about far more than dropping off a package on time.

“I do have a little one at home,” Gold told FOX40. “I also have a grandpa that lives with us and he watches my daughter for me. So it is nerve-racking because you don’t want to bring this home.”

While she said her anxiety has climbed since the COVID-19 outbreak, she still considers herself one of the lucky ones.

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