‘We are tired’: USPS employees feel toll from retention challenges

The Postal Service, ramping up its workforce for its peak holiday season and looking to avoid a repeat of last year’s widespread mail and package delays, still faces a critical employee shortage as well as persistent challenges retaining new hires.

To compound these problems, local union employees and the USPS inspector general’s office claim USPS data doesn’t accurately capture the state of the workforce challenges, and how severely the current workforce is spread thin.

The House Oversight and Reform Committee last week reviewed the state of USPS operations at a field hearing in Chicago, one of the cities reporting worse on-time delivery metrics than the rest of the U.S. However, lawmakers see the root cause of USPS problems in Chicago as systemic to the rest of the United States.

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They get hired, treated poorly and quit. Cycle continues

One has to understand a dichotemy. A vast majority of people love the postal service.they love the clerks and carriers who support them. But folks–these-your friends- are tired… They are at the end of the string at the post office. they are there to correct everything else which has gone wrong and get your mail to you… We are tired, worn out, abused by management and still trying to get everything to you. There are folks working behind the scenes, the people who work the machines which get the mail to your carrier… They are tired and abused… You-our friends… Read more »

Geez maybe if they didn’t treat RCAs like shit then they would stay…

18 months was all I could take as a “second class” employee… Fuck the USPS and their overlord Amazon .

One easy intermediate step is to recognize, like the federal government does with its workforce, that it cost more to get people to want to work in Chicago than the great pay rates offered if you were in Mississippi

Yes, RCA’S have the hardest job. Running a different route they have never been on before every day of the week and then made to work Sunday Amazon deliveries. Their life is not their own. On call every day. I myself have had to cancel doctor appointments, because got called I into work, had other people pick my kiddo up from school, etc. It is extremely stressful, and mentally, and physically draining, to the point I lost 70lbs in the 1.75 years I was an RCA. I was lucky, because I was on a hold down route, so in my… Read more »