Waverly, NY Man Arrested after Threatening Police, Postal Carrier

A Waverly man was arrested after police say he threatened police officers and a mailman.

David Douglas Harford, 44, of Waverly New York was arrested on April 10th for making terroristic threats and menacing during two separate incidents only days apart.
During the first incident, Harford threatened to murder two Waverly police officers as they lawfully approached his residence while they were conducting a police investigation on the afternoon of April 7th. He retreated to his home and refused to cooperate with the officers.
The second incident occurred on the afternoon of April 9th. Harford threatened a U.S. postal carrier with serious physical harm while the carrier was on his route on Clinton Avenue.

Harford was arrested on April 10th and taken to Tioga County, New York CAP Court for arraignment and to await further legal action.


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