Washington Postal Workers Defy USPS Orders And Reinstall Mail Sorting Machines

Postal workers in Washington State have reinstalled high-speed mail sorting machines—dismantled after controversial orders from the U.S. Postal Service— despite USPS orders not to put machines back in use.

40 percent of the high-speed mail sorting machines in the Seattle-Tacoma area were disconnected or dismantled since the changes went into effect, according to NPR, with workers in the Tacoma, Washington sorting plant saying eight of their 18 machines that sort and postmark letters were disconnected and pushed into a corner.

Sorting machines in Wenatchee, Washington were also reconnected, against the orders of the Postal Service’s head of maintenance, Kevin Couch.

Only two facilities, Seattle-Tacoma and one in Dallas, seem to be ignoring the Postal Service’s directive to leave decommissioned sorting machines out of use.

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Way to go maintenance. Take charge and do what’s right!!!

If you can shop then you can vote!!

Yes, and if Trump is down here to play golf again during voting, he can leave the golf course for a few minutes, go just down the street and vote. Everything he saying about voting by mail is a lie. if he can vote by mail others can vote by mail. There’s no difference. It’s coming by the mail either way. Trump should stop acting like a petulant toddler coming up with excuses why he’s going to lose.

fake news. Aristocratic elite pay you how much to say that? Sorry, do not want the same currency reset. Trump’s in.

Does that mean military charges and a death conviction for Nancy Polosi if the bulk mail in ballots dwlay thr Presidential election, and 50 years for House Dems if happens? I would agree to that, would you? Your move….

1st looks like someone could benefit from “spell check” talk later when your posts are legible as the words you typed are not in any dictionary….

You’re right!!! But you will not get certain people to listen to reason. It’s called mindless!

He voted already, and his problem isn’t with absent. It’s mass voting /ballotts that are mailed out to residents who no longer lived their, and or are dead. So who filled these out ?? And how do the get sent in if said people have moved and or are dead ?? That’s the issue. New York and other states have already seen this to be true, where they have found the count is off. And or ballots are invalid because they are not filled out properly or mailed on time.

Last edited 2 years ago by Jose

Jose the signatures must match I doubt anyone deceased will get a ballot by, The board of electors are smarter than that. As it is many ballots will not pass unless the signatures match exactly

Why after all these years voter fraud has become a problem? The problem is that there is a lying, deceiving baboon holding office in the white house. He is the fraud!!! The voter fraud stories started since the orange orangutan been in office. No matter how much he lies, he has certain followers that believe him. Oh well, birds of a feather, flock together.

Absentee voting has been around and is an acceptable form of voting because you apply for the ballot with information and identification. Mass mall in voting is not the same and leaves the process open to fraud and vote harvesting. If Democrats were honest they wouldn’t have a problem with requiring people that want to vote by mail to apply for the absentee ballots or vote in person. After all it would not be worse than going to the grocery store and standing in a check out line.


Amen!!! Now say that again!

What lies?, Many Democrats got caught with mail in ballets? Doing something dastardly with them.

Where did you get that false information from? Oh yeah! trumpy dump

There you go again with the Democrat narrative he said absentee ballots are ok when requested but sending out mass ballots to every registered voter without request is gonna be fubar.

Trump also said that mail in voting is okay; but only in Florida; why is mail in voting okay in Florida if mail in voting is not okay in the other states? The lack of critical thinking skills in Trump supporters is so embarrassing as it reflects our education system which clearly failed you.

I agree!!! Clapping my hands on your post.

…is gonna be fubar…?

All you trump virus lovers i am giving away free bleach and light for you all your leader says its good for you drink up

Absentee ballots are entirely different then mail in ballots mail in are marked on the outside with a d and a r distinguishing them as dem orb repub

There’s a big difference in mail in voting and absentee voting.. Which is what Trump and many other who travel for a living or just can’t get out due to their health.. Those votes have at least a vetting accountability to them . Mail in votes could be EASILY turned into fraud.. Ballets r sent to ppl who haven’t lived at a residence inn many yrs.. No way to check or verify..I could get my neighbors ballot from mailbox, fill it out, mail it, boom..fraud !! And besides..the Dems got zero shot at White House w out major fraud .… Read more »

–Or you could do something more criminally offensive like maybe become the head of the USPS put there by three appointees put there by Trump and within 70 days bring the mail to a stop so your own financial interests will prosper and your backer in the White House will have a basis for the biggest law suit and legal wrangling to be seen in forever….don’t you see Trump has disenfranchised every one of us; he has abandoned his base and the game plan is to crater the election; and hang on to his power; a power he shares only… Read more »

Every ballot that is mailed or dropped off, is verified that ballot signature matches the signature on driver’s license/voter registration. This is a higher level of scrutiny than a bank check. If no signature, ballot not valid. This has been true since 1980s.

There is not now, and never has been, large scale voter fraud in presidential elections (except maybe 1960 in West Va).
Forged checks and forged ballots happen, but it’s extremely rare.

It’s easier to fake vote in person than by mail.

My roommate is a registered Republican, and so far he’s received four glossy trump advertisements begging him to request a mail-in ballot, and including the official request as part of his ad with our BofE return address!! FOUR!! He hates mail-in balloting so much that he’s bombarding Republicans with his own version! Now who’s trying to cheat the system, all the while crying like a baby over the Democrats? Funny, the president of the United States hasn’t sent me (a Democrat) a single request to vote. He LOVES mail-in ballots, as long as only Republicans can use them!!

If I have to wait hours to get in to shop, I go elsewhere. Can’t do that to vote. Have to go where they say and heaven forbid you work a 6-6 shift bc when you get there you have a 6 hour wait but only 4 hours to get your vote in. Anyone who works should have the right to mail in your vote

You can. Apply for absentee ballot.

WOW — UNBELIEVABLE — You are NOT eligible for absentee ballot because of your work schedule–your comment is up there with “let them eat cake” And, yes–we all have the right to vote and following the lead of other states allowing mail in votes can be easier than what we have become accustomed to; there is a need for a change state to state. Wow! And, by the way if your state allows mail in voting; then it is your RIGHT to do so. And, absolutely more would vote if they could get time off work; but with most of… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by rissa

Not worried about waiting for mailbox lines?? You should ck your facts before posting BS!! There’s a plethora of FACTS about places that have fraudulent voting by mail!!!! Do a little reading up on it .. or watch the news .. (not the FAKE news) ** if you really want to know the TRUTH!! Also, there’s a difference between ballot harvesting & absentee voting!!

You “fake news” folks crack me up. That term has become so tiring. You and our bully-in-chief use the same jargon whenever the media calls him on his lies and crimes. Just because the news shows him in his true light doesn’t mean it’s fake! And how dare anyone claim the media lies when your leader lies about everything and everyone every single day! (I loved the way they talked about Covid-19 in the past tense at the RNC. Uh-huh.) I can’t wait for our next dark-state meeting where every media outlet in the world, including every newspaper in the… Read more »

than apply for absentee which is safe

Some states in this country still do not allow absentee voting without a valid reason, Covid notwithstanding. That totally disenfranchises every voter who’s high-risk or simply concerned about the spread. I don’t care what bs the administration spews or how it tries to dilute the numbers, the virus is still spreading and people are still dying! Voters in states with limited absentee mail-in voting should not have to risk their lives to exercise their constitutional right!

As long as you are in line prior to the end time you are allowed to vote

and what if you CAN’T shop???? Not everyone can, you know,???

What if I can’t shop?

This is a swamp of idiots — it is so funny like the roll call I just watched at RNC — ‘I nominate Donald J. President — I mean Trump’ — a person (man camera t.v.) really said that; and another person (man camera t.v.) represented his state as ‘home of the underground and segretatiion…..oh abolitionists.’ You can’t write this stuff. It’s hilarious.

But if I need important medication?

Mail sorter. Drugs are packages

If you need important meds , you just have to apply for burial insurance because trump can care less about any of us by destroying the mail machines, ‍♀️ Sorry but true

What you don’t understand that new voting systems using the new encryption is going in. This attempt is a big waste of time. Patent was filed. New machines using the point to point encryption system will be be before the election. Sorry to spoil, tricks are for kids and the aristocratic

You don’t remove the tools workers need to get the job done because the replacement is planned to replace them; what do the workers do awaiting the replacement; that’s like a hospital taking all the tools of the trade used to save lives because there is a plan to replace those tools — it is criminal what was done and it should not be done without review and analysis as to the effect the change will have on the MISSION of the organization. No analysis. No review. Just action. And now the little coward is saying it was not him;… Read more »

If the mall is full, you can come back tomorrow..

Then apply for an absentee ballot and give your identifying information. That’s acceptable but not mass mail in ballots.

Good job. Take charge of your post office


Fire every last one

Clearly misguided MAGA

Tiny Troll. How’s the weather in St. Petersburg ?

They should reinstall them everywhere. They belong to the citizens not Dejoy. Fire him. Way to go guys.

Does it matter? Plant employees make sure they get overtime and file greviences to get paid for doing nothing, so when they are not hiding from work, will more machines make a difference?

Keep up the great work brothers and sisters !

The first courageous act witnessed at a time when sadly many more will be needed to fight this assault on THE PEOPLE by the WHITE HOUSE. The ACLU should step up and offer free representation to any postal worker whose actions to right the wrong lose their jobs; and where is OSHA?

Way to go . Screw Dejoy and trump.

If you can shop, then you can vote,!

and if you’re unable to shop??? What about those of us???

And if you have a job and have to work 12 hour shifts? Or do Republicans not have jobs? Not really a surprise looking at the unemployment since the education is so poor in red states that people got no options when factories leave

Thank you, Laurie! America was proud and safe during 8 yrs w/ Pres. Obama. Trump has actually done more harm to our way of life than any potential Russian subversive threat.

Not everyone in our country are lucky enough to move freely during this pandemic. I wish citizens would put themselves in the shoes of elderly black and brown Americans. Nothing is easy for them!

Last edited 2 years ago by Sailorgirl

And the Head Maintenance, Kevin Couch in Wenatchee.

Screw you Ben,Trump Trump,do you wanna cry now you libertard

Seems to me, George, you are the one crying. Someone said screw Trump and you had to say it back to him.
I am not sure why you guys are so willing to self sacrifice for your toddler king, but it is your choice. And it is Ben’s right to reject Trump and his desire to turn this country into another North Korea, with Trump holding the same power as Kim Jong Un.

These postal workers are American heroes.

It is against the law to interfere with the election process. Put Trump in prison.

IF you were “Smart Enough” To Research this for yourself / Not FAKE News. You would know USPS Started going in DEBT IN 2009(Obama-Biden) By 2018 it was –$143 BILLION In Hole. 2018 Debt was ONLY -$3.9 BILLION ( Trump Term) Obama Biden LET PROBLEMS BEGIN NEVER FIXED ANYTHING..

Bush began debt with 75 yrs of pension fund to be paid upfront. No other govt agency has this. STOP blaming Obama!

Please tell me did the administration before Obams-Biden leave the office debtless and problem free? If not your point is…?

Go back to 1970’s you will find that Congress passed the first US Postal Act, requiring the postal service to become solvent and not require any funds from the government. You people need to stop blaming everything on Obama

That’s the part that gets to me,people so ready to blame everything on Obama, b 4 they do the research, to fine out where & when things in this country started to unfold.why they can’t accept the fact that Trump is the biggest clown of a president
That this country has ever had,and America is the big joke because of him.

Obama and Biden inherited the crap economy from dunce Bush and his ineffective presidency. Do some reading yourself numbnuts.

And if YOU were “Smart Enough” to Research this for yourself, Tracie, you would know that this actually dates back to 2006, when Congress mandated that all USPS pensions be guaranteed UP FRONT. No other company does this, anywhere. Before this began, the USPS was profitable. It took 3 years for those profits to erode. So no… it wasn’t Obama-Biden. But you didn’t actually research this for yourself, did you? You just got “alternative facts” from Faux News & assumed it was accurate. Typical.

Last edited 2 years ago by Mike

It was 2007 for first year no profits .

The USPS is not a corporation with profits and losses, it’s a service. Like the ARMY, NAVY, MARINES and AIR FORCE. And yes, it protect AMERICANS and saves lives too!

Your understanding of governmental matters and the timing of events prove you have no grasp on either reality or common sense.

When Bush was in Office in2003 the Republican Congress made changes in retirements, putting post office in the red and it has been losing revenue every since, and in Obama’s 8 years Mitch wouldn’t vote on any legislation to help USPS.SO quit putting blame on Dems.

It was due to the act that George W. Bush signed requiring the post office to fund its pensions 75 years in advance. GOP broke it on purpose so they could claim it doesn’t work and then privatize it. They try this with social security too. Both are government services and are here for the benefit of all of us, they do not need to make a profit. Just let them work and stop breaking them!!

I’m sure that O’bama gets a thrill out of the fact that y’all can’t seem to keep him out of this stupidity that your Boy Trump has created! He can’t help but blame someone for his many failure’s, and now he has help with you! This Man/Child will continue to destroy our country, and all that y’all can do is cast blame. Trump is sorry! He runs this presidency from Twitter, like how lame is that? Grow some ball’s already and stop being such a lame follower..

The debt is only because of the Republican legislation in 2006 to force the USPS to prefund retirement benefits for employees into the future. No other government entity or company has to fund retirement benefits for employees not even hired yet. They are currently 14 years ahead of where they would need to be if it was operated without the ball and chain. If that money wasn’t being sucked out of the USPS they would have been profitable for 6 of the last 7 years and 11 of the last 14 years. Why would Bush and the Republican House and… Read more »

Look at what Obama & friends did. That’s treason.

the only ones interfering are the democrats

They actually will have there pensions paid. They have backed the Demwits , because of it,! Maybe you should vote in person, since you shop and do o other things exposing yourself!

Are you really as stupid as you sound?
Is rational thought foreign to you?

You’re an idiot, Washington is a vote by mail state.

Why would we go back to voting in person ridiculous, go back under your bridge troll

What are you talking about? First, we pay into our pensions, and into our retirement, as the folks up in DC get a free ride of a guaranteed retirement. Who pays for that…us tax payers, of course. Next, at our facility, we have mail volume far exceeding x-mas volumes for months with no end in sight. Come join all of the mail handlers, clerks and maintenance working 12 hours a day, seven days a week, including all holidays….Thanksgiving and X-mas day will be included. Let’s see how long you will last, at that pace, especially with the Covid flying around.… Read more »

Talk to your HR rep. You do NOT pay your own way. You pay a percentage and the rest is paid by USPS.

You shop cause your a spreader! Who knows who you have infected!

Jo Ann what a Karen-like name, I assume you want to speak to his manager as well you prissy mongoloid.

Thats just a line to make you feel better. Its more than 2 years and they only deliver mail in my area evry third day. Then I get a mailbox bs. Your heroes have amazon ups and fed ex use them to deliver packages for them so cut rate its braking their own backs. Heroes I think not.

Spelling, darling, please. It’s breaking, if you please. And someone else is using your (belonging to you) instead of you’re (you are). Remind them for me, will you? There’s a dear.

For your agenda voter fraud, but fuck Americans needing help from your government shut down

Donald Trump was the first to say voting by mail was dangerously exposed to fraud (except in Florida where it’s safe).During a pandemic many more people need to vote by mail. Do you not think it our constitutional duty to provide the means for all to vote.
Unfortunately passing the stimulus package is a political standoff where Republicans, Democrats and the President are all at fault

FLORIDA has been doing it for so many years.They have a system NO ONE ELSE HAS.. Trump said ABSENTEE Voting Has a FAR BETTER Result without voter fraud..

Actually nadler, schummer, pelosi..all in the past were against vote by mail. Look it up.

The postal service also delivers food meds disability chechs etc. you dumbass n blame trump and mitch mcconnell for trying to take advantage of us by cutting funds and trying to slip in funding for a new FBI building next to his hotel n no funding for test or states to help small businesses!!!!!! So when you want to make a point yell at the right people with the right information!!!!!!!!!!!

like i said before…IF you were “Smart Enough” To Research this for yourself / Not FAKE News. You would know USPS Started going in DEBT IN 2009(Obama-Biden) By 2018 it was –$143 BILLION In Hole. 2018 Debt was ONLY -$3.9 BILLION ( Trump Term) Obama Biden LET PROBLEMS BEGIN NEVER FIXED ANYTHING..

The Postal service started going in debt long before President Obama took office. Stop mirroring your “master” with the blame President Obama BS.

If you were smart and REALLY did the research you would have read that in 2006 the Republicans under GEORGE BUSH signed into law a mandate that the USPS MUST PREFUND 75 years of postal benefits. At approximately 5.3 billion a year. The only government or private company required ever to do this. If not for this the USPS WOULD NOT BE IN THE RED. REMINDER THE USPS IS THE ONLY SELF FUNDING AGENCY AND WOULD BE STILL IN THE BLACK WITHOUT THIS REPUBLICAN MANDATE. STOP BLAMING OBAMA FOR BUSH AND THE REPUBLICAN MANDATE. IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE ME LOOK… Read more »

Sorry purse string are held by congress. When they come up with a plan not derived from give away money then maybe so. You’ll never see that money it will go to pork projects and house hidden retirement funds.

2.3 trillion is what your Republicans party passed in the senate with only 300 billion going to the people hurting. So what is 25 billion

You said Buttfuck. LMAO! You truly are an idiot. Dejoy said we’ll get the ballots delivered in time, no problem. We have a 15 BILLION DOLLAR SURPLUS! Then within just 5 minutes he went on a tangent about the USPS bleeding money and being in the negative for 10 years. Which is it you lying, 2 faced, Dr. Phil wanna be look alike? Is it bleeding $ or is there a $15,000,000,000 surplus? You can’t have both you lying asshole!

You said Buttfuck. LMAO! You truly are an idiot. Dejoy said we’ll get the ballots delivered in time, no problem. We have a 15 BILLION DOLLAR SURPLUS! Then within just 5 minutes he went on a tangent about the USPS bleeding money and being in the negative for 10 years. Which is it you lying, 2 faced, Dr. Phil wanna be look alike? Is it bleeding $ or is there a $15,000,000,000 surplus? You can’t have both you lying asshole!

Better keep track of any attempt by management to fire or discipline these employees for doing the right thing.Employees need to turn in all local management to the press and Nancy Pelosi for protection,if they attempt such actions.

I totally agree. I’m sure upper management will be after them to prove a point.

What are you dumb people talking about!!! Request a ballot, if you have issues,! Shop, and vote!!!

Don’t request.Go and get your ballot.If you request it by mail it may never come.

pelosi will throw them under the bus.

Thank you for your courage and integrity.

I’m not a postal worker, just as a washington state resident who is grateful for, and respects the hard work it takes to deliver to me 6 days a week, I say GREAT JOB! The USPS is not a “company” and shouldn’t be treated like a for-profit enterprise. I’ve always thought of it kind of that benevolent civic military, who’s sole mission is to timely deliver post to every address in the nation. It’s an integral service that every American loves (even if they don’t show it) and depends on. Our other military branches don’t make a profit. Why should… Read more »

USPS should be privatized. There’s no reason why it’s government run. It’s day has gone and gone just like horse and buggy and the steam boat

Do you wear a Nazi logo. Why privatize it when tax dollars are not used?

My mail has never been delivered timely or to the correct address! This has been a problem, they are almost bankrupt! Providing them their pensions, would be a great effect in the voting for Demwits,!!! Seriously, it’s a Demwit be political issue,! Created Fraud, which Demwits love and have done forever!

If you can’t get your mail delivered to you then you might want to visit your post office and talk to someone and let them know so your issue is addressed. It’s really that simple. If you order a sandwich at Mcds and they give you the wrong one, you take it back. Complaining on the internet isn’t going to fix it. And you keep calling the Dems dimwits. Lol

Tony V. No no no no no. It’s not that simple. Been an on and off problem in our zip code for 30 years. Maybe in your perfect world. But in the real world this has happened to many of us. It’s not possible for the USPS to assign a single letter carrier to everyone and that is where this misdelivered / lost mail problem starts. Complaining multiple times isn’t always the answer. By the way, currently we have a great carrier. Not always do in the past.

Ignorance is hard to fathom, people don’t understand that postal operations have dropped drastically. That these machines are unneeded. This is nothing but Democrat manufactured hysteria. This restarting the machines was nothing but a publicity stunt by a Democrat controlled union. They maybe plugged in but will they will not be needed. Shame

How in the he’ll do you know if they are needed or not? Ignorance is somebody who says something about something they know nothing about.

You’re that ignoramus

I work on these machines 6 nights a week in a different plant. We have shut down 2 of them over the past few years. We still run 3… And out of those 90% of the mail is processed through just one of them. They only run the machines a few hours out of the night as well. The union is only trying to save a paycheck. Any other company that has equipment that is not needed rids itself of the added expenses. You budget books like that. I can tell you that we can easily process all our mail… Read more »

I went to the VA in Albuquerque, NM on August 6th for an appointment.
I got my meds in the mail August 14th.
It took the post office 8 days to move my meds 6 miles.
I’m a disabled vet .
In 27 years prior, the longest the same delivery ever took was 3 days.
I’ve been convinced for a long time Trump cares more for his reelection than this country’s citizenry

Be honest Marvin President Trump was the first to claim voting by mail open to Fraud (except in Florida where it’s safe). He created the hysteria, his political stunt. So let’s not point fingers at postal workers who are doing their bit to protect everybody’s vote. Better on Nov 3rd to be looking at a machine working and not needed than a pile of unprocessed ballots.

Voter fraud is the only chance the democrats have got, So they’re playing this card.!

Lmfao really mail down? It takes up to 2 extra weeks for my check that I rely on to pay Bill’s food and medicine it used to come within 4 days before dejoy decided to fuck the mail up. If my check is up to 2 weeks late then other mail is like medicine that people rely on

Its called direct deposit

Hey KRC! Please tell us how you know the machines aren’t needed? I work @ UPS with small package sorting machines. Unless you can verify that you have more real world, on the ground, logistical information to say these machines aren’t needed. I’m compelled to say you are lying in a dangerous manner. It makes me wonder if your in the US, if you’re a citizen, because a cornerstone of any fascist state is controlling information, and commerce.

Kenneth Ray Chapman. Can you support your position on the lack of need for these machines. Do you work there or are you a bot with an agenda?

Ignore Dejoys bullshit orders. Band together and stay strong. You are UNION STRONG. Make delivering ballots your priority over everything else. Your future is in those ballots. Once Biden wins Dejoy and Trump are gone.

Last edited 2 years ago by Glenn

When your stupid enough to need a union to tell you how to think these are the kind of idiotic things you say.
Kind of an admission that you will play a willing role in voter fraud.
33% decline in first class mail volume 30% more staffing and lazy ass union postal workers still cant get their jobs done. It’s time for union crybabies and lazy drag ass clock milking postal employees to be Fired !
Ups and FedEx make you look like lazy ass fools every day.

So true

Make up your mind Bob are they lazy staff or are they fraudulent. Please explain how the fraud is occurring.

Hahahaha, waaait a minute….how exactly can he play a willing role in voter fraud. By…voting? Please explain that to me! This should be great!

I agree I worked at USPS SF Distribution Plant and believe me there is 80% of those lazy ass wrkrs. There should be a physical test bc most of them claim they cant carry a box over 20 lbs. Omg I got so much to say.

Esmerald, I was on a maintenance inspection team at your plant many years ago – a good plant to visit. The old adage that 20% of employees do 80% of the work is too often factual at many USPS plants. I retired in 2005 and as early as the late 90s, we were starting to see lower volumes of mail. Technology – especially email and presorted mail have cut into the amount of raw unprocessed mail a plant handles.

I can tell you don’t work for a living. Probably have direct deposit for your government checks.

Coming from a Socialist Demwit pig!

You are obviously , quite the intelligent woman Laury…

stay strong and loose billions of dollars every year. Good job?? wow

Sounds like the military

Didn’t understand Charlie comment. However there is no better service than Postal Employees.


Things change mail is no longer that important. Get over it. The machines need to go.

Exactly! The only thing the USPS delivers to us is junk mail, even at that we get the wrong mail many times, advertisements that have a deliver by date in order to use the coupons are never timely to actually use the coupons. Everything can now be ordered online – clothes, sundries, etc. and delivered UPS or FEDEX. Bills are all online, payments to various organizations are paid online, checks are direct deposited, meds are sent via UPS or we can have the drugstore deliver them. The USPS clearly has become less important, yet they keep raising the price of… Read more »

Keep fighting! We must preserve the USPS!

More functioning machines means the mail gets out sooner across the country. This simple logic evades the idiots that think they are in charge.

Are the decommissioned machines mostly in urban and other Democrat strongholds?


How do you know? Don’t just guess, makes you look stooopid.

Last edited 2 years ago by Steve


I appreciate every postal worker and have for 74 years! Thank you for your long hours and hard work.

Awesome!! Way to go!! Its the right thing to do for the people!! Trump & Dejoy are trying to dismantle & discredit the USPS. THEY ARE A DISGRACE TO OUR COUNTRY!!I’ve been an employee for 29years!!!

I have worked for the post office for 38 years and all this crap you hear on most of the news is pure junk . Taking out or moving equipment happins all the time. What most of Americans should be upset about it is all the money postal management waste

Does it happen around election time? When a good-for-nothing, empty-headed, misogynist, rapist, racist pig, narcissist, shit for brains, orange faced, thin skinned retard?

I’ve been there 15 yrs and have never seen machines removed when need the most. So…..then why not mandate the reinstall of the machines to make sure ALL votes are accounted for smart guy?

My father worked on those machines! He was a fixer-upper when something went wrong. I think he’d be glad to know they’re still going despite dumb instructions.

Good for them! Taking a stand and doing what is right. They are the United States Postal Service and loved by many. Life can not continue smoothly without the Postal Service plan and simple. Dejoy needs to resign as he is not the person for the job. Don’t trust him, I do trust my postal workers. God bless them all.

Kudos to you all postal workers, this is the only way to fight corruption! You all are some brave, dedicated, respectful, righteous warriors at times when the country is really in trouble from within!

I hauled USPS Mail for 6 years. Postal workers are overpaid spoiled union Brats. For the the rest of you idiots whom have NEVER worked for the Postal Service your a bunch of dummies! There are exploits being abused by top brass creating deficits that everyone has to pay for when they approach congress for appropriations on the tax payer. Officials being changed are way overdue to balance the books, it has nothing to do with Trump, its just bad timing. We need to stop paying for the Postal Services short comings.

Last edited 2 years ago by Art

DeJoy will most likely see the inside of a prison after trump is gone, as he well should. It is ILLEGAL, A FEDERAL CRIME TO WILLFULLY DELAY USPS MAIL!! He was dumb enough to put it in writing… Lol


Good job. THANKS


Ever since Trump has been in office he has done nothing but lie cheat and steal for his own narcissistic political games and he thinks he’s falling the whole country but

Doing what’s right for Vets, seniors and stay at home folks who need prescriptions and other vital mail delivered. That’s a hero/heroines.

Why would you decommission something that helps the mail get processed faster, and it’s increasing efficiency of mail processing, saves money by using less man hours as you planned to save money, and limiting area to drop mail by taking mail box away, Republican or Democrat who thinks this is proper are fools watching as our world be taken apart.

Thank you, postal worker, you do deserve your pension. I thank you guys out there on foot, delivering mails rain, shine, stormy weathers, and also having to deal with some unruly animals. You deserve your pension way more then the cowardly bastered in office that can’t stand up for what is right. THANK YOU

Thank you, brothers and sisters. Job well done.

In today’s testimony before Congress, DeJoy said that he will not return the machines to operation or reverse his phony “efficiency” changes. I think next steps are clear and we will stand in support of USPS workers

None of you people know what your talking about.

I love this, USPS Maintenance..YOU ROCK!!!NOTHING BUT LOVE.

Unplugging the sorting machine,This is all corrupted by Trump and the republicans puppets. Mitch……and the republican senate are all coward. They are all scare to talk against this president intention to suppress the vote. They’ve afraid they must lose control. If it was democrats….believe it, they will be crying. I hope when the time come,,,,,democrats play hard ball too and make republican cry when they want to pass a bill……..denyyyuuuu. Congress passed a bipartisan bill and “MitchPutin” already said, they will block it. My fellow americans open your eyes and ears very well. We have someone acting as a dictator… Read more »

Did they take machine from the Democrat states yes or no

Did machine come all democrats state.

Maintainers rule. “NEVER talk s–t about the people who work on your car!”

I thought it was a was federal offense to tamper with the mail. Someone should get charged with a crime.

Hard time

failure to follow instructions your fired

Louie to trump “Got any job openings – not qualified for anything, but will write you a check”.
USPS started getting in financial trouble when Congress mandated pre-paying retirement health care – what other government agency is required to do that?
Put the blame where it belongs – dudes that have franking privileges …

Can someone please release the name of the person or persons who authorized the removal? If a letter or email was issued provide a copy of that document. Enough hiding of who did what!

I hope they all get fired for subordination. This is all bs because the Biden party know Trump will be reelected. Easier for them to cheat & steal via mail in votes. We don’t want communism in America. The Democrat party died when they killed JFK. America will prevail with Trump at the helm.

Thank you WA USPS maintenance workers!!! This is what it’s going to take to restore sanity and reason. Hopefully more USPS WORKERS WILL STAND PROUD FOR WHAT IS RIGHT!! WAY TO GO. YOU ARE HEROES!

Voting by mail is not the fair way. Many Post Offices have not only dismantled sorting machines but have put some in the trash. I don’t trust the people opening the ballots and counting fairly. You can go to the grocery store you can vote at the polls.

In actuality, Trump has endangered or attempted to endanger American life more widely than could any possible Russian subversion. Think about that for a while.

Not in IL. We have 2 machines not being used

Trump needs to take all those Postal workers in Washington State into the Board Room and tell them…. YOU’RE FIRED!!