Video – The future electric USPS mail truck at CES 2023

The United States Postal Service is joining leading tech and innovation brands at CES 2023, the most influential tech event in the world. At the convention, USPS will offer attendees an up-close look at the Postal Service’s expanded delivery options for businesses of all sizes and efforts underway to modernize the Postal Service’s network and improve service reliability for mail and package delivery. The Postal Service has exhibited at CES since 2000

Safety technology is another crucial component characterizing the USPS’ Next-Generation Delivery Vehicle.

The mail service’s fleet will contain Bluetooth, collision avoidance features, 360-degree cameras, backup sensors and cameras — plus self-parking.

The Next-Generation Delivery Vehicle’s 2023 Consumer Electronics Show exhibit includes a massive 20 feet by 30 feet media wall display showing elements of the postal company’s modernization.

Four new variants of the USPS’ Next-Generation Delivery Vehicle will enter service at the end of 2023, Las Vegas Review-Journal reports.

Two variants will be gas-powered, while the others receive an electric drivetrain.

USPS said 10,019 of the 50,000 Next-Generation Delivery Vehicles they ordered for $2.98billion would be electric.

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Too low to the ground for snow.

So its a replay of the LLV design a jack of all trades by committee and in that case the narrow front wheelbase which made it great for parking in good conditions made it a deathtrap in the snow.

All great features but with all of those electronic features comes the above average risk of them breaking down, USPS delivery vehicles need to have a life span of 20+ years and these vehicle don’t look like they will make it that long without lots of $$$.