Video shows woman lead police on chase in stolen mail truck

RATON, N.M. (KRQE) – New video shows a woman leading police on a dramatic chase in a stolen mail truck.
She managed to outmaneuver State Police a couple of times before they finally got the better of her.

Police thought they had her first on the interstate, then after she turned off I-25, but it finally took an officer putting himself in harm’s way to get her to stop.

A nearly 20-mile long chase came to a crashing end in the middle of Raton with one patrol car getting hit, and spun around by a stolen mail truck.

The highway chase started down in Maxwell after 34-year-old Chanel Esckelson took the unmarked postal vehicle.

State Police put out spike strips along I-25 to try and stop her, but she used the median to get around them.


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