Video: PMG discusses financial health, other topics

Postmaster General Megan J. Brennan discusses the Postal Service’s financial outlook in a new “Business Focus” video released this week.

To restore its financial health, Brennan says the organization is pursuing opportunities to increase revenue and drive efficiency.

Other requirements include a flexible pricing system from the Postal Regulatory Commission and legislation that allows USPS to grow revenue and cut costs.

“We will continue to urge policymakers to act to ensure the future of this organization, which is so valued and important in the lives of the public and in the life of the nation,” Brennan says.

The Postmaster General also discusses efforts to win new business and remain competitive, and she calls on all employees to do their part by submitting sales leads and delivering excellent service during every interaction with customers.

Additionally, Brennan reviews the recent holiday season, when USPS delivered 13 billion pieces of mail, including 800 million packages.

“This reflects the confidence that our largest customers have in us to deliver for them when their volume is at its highest,” she says.

Brennan, who also discusses employee safety and stamp releases in the video, concludes by acknowledging the continued efforts of employees.

“Thank you for your commitment and dedication and for your service to our customers and the American people,” she says.

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Wow…. she looks like crap. No wonder she’s not attending any USPS functions anymore…she must be tipping the scales at 300 pounds…Hit the gym, Maggie!!! I’m sure they have one at the Spa at L’Enfant Plaza.

That’s what happens when you just sit on your ass all day.

So if she had to haul ass, she would have to make two trips?

All joking aside, it looks like the PMG gig has taken a huge toll on her…she probably would tell you 350 G’s ain’t worth it. You’re really handcuffed on being able to make any business decisions… that’s why nobody worth a damn wants the job… yeah she could have done a better job running the place, but it’s almost mission impossible…. Maggie, we hardly knew ye!!!

Well spoken, Mike. It is a thankless job and who would want to manage a business, in such disarray, as the postal service.

more like 450 G’s plus bonus and expenses

Worst PG ever. She has nerve to say one of the USPS GOALS IS TO GET RID OF LONG TERM EMPLOYERS ,and reduce health and retirement benefits, screw her. MEghan have another pie for your pie whole. Promoted under the me too leftest act.