Video: PMG Brennan updates employees on business

Postmaster General Megan J. Brennan’s latest “Business Focus” video updates USPS employees on service improvements, efforts to develop a 10-year business plan for the organization and other topics.

The Postal Service’s latest data trends show improvements in on-time performance, Brennan reports. The organization is using this information to drive process improvements and to deliver more predictable service for customers.

“Our business depends on meeting the rising service expectations of our customers,” she says.

Delivering excellent service will also help the organization be competitive at a time when other shippers are competing for packages that are entered at a local Post Office and delivered to customers’ homes — also known as “last-mile volume,” a longtime advantage for USPS.

“We’re not going to concede any business. We’ll continue to compete, and we’ll best position the Postal Service for growth by providing customized solutions, competitive pricing and consistent, reliable service,” Brennan says.

The Postmaster General also discusses employee safety; the latest quarterly financial results; and her recent testimony before the U.S. House Oversight and Reform Committee, where she discussed the urgent need for postal reform legislation and a better pricing system.

Additionally, Brennan updates employees on a 10-year business plan that the USPS Board of Governors is developing to provide the organization with a long-term financially sustainable business model.

The plan will focus on key public policy questions, including what universal services USPS should provide and how to pay for those services.

While the plan is being developed, the Postmaster General asks all employees “to stay focused on continuing to provide the secure, reliable and efficient service that every American has come to expect.”


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Wow….she looks like crap. What an embarrassment that she’s the face of this organization….get off your lazy ass and hit the gym.

Ugh…PMG BRENNAN-WHY DO YOU CONTINUE TO PROMOTE POOR/ FAILED managers…the carrier/clerk/processors have NOTHING TO Do with the failed FINANCIAL DECISIONS YOU ARE MAKING… Fwiw….our BENEFITS were the same when the P.O. was operating successfully so your slash and burn proposal is just a lazy disconnected attempt to legitimize your paycheck… 1- forcing carriers out of a.c. /4×4/(new) vehicles, & placing them in death traps so you don’t have to pay a second trip…NOT working 2- investing 30million$ in magazine sorting machines when there’s NO magazines- NOT working 3- forcing carriers to sort mail behind the wheel of an idling old… Read more »