Video: PMG addresses customer service, other topics

The importance of delivering excellent customer service is discussed by Postmaster General Megan J. Brennan in her latest “Business Focus” video.

“We’re a service organization, and to attract and retain customers and generate profitable revenue, we need to continue to improve the customer experience,” she says.

Brennan encourages employees to deliver excellent experiences wherever they serve customers, including retail counters, doorsteps and online.

She also encourages employees to pay close attention to customer feedback, to act quickly to resolve their issues, and to provide timely, accurate scanning.

“We compete for every package, every dollar, every day. Our ability to win business or retain business depends on providing our customers with consistent, reliable service,” she says.

The Postmaster General also updates employees on public policy matters, including the need for a better pricing system and postal reform legislation that will allow USPS to invest in the future, compete more effectively and deliver greater value to the public.

“Responsible reform will go a long way in putting the Postal Service on firmer financial footing,” Brennan says.

Other topics addressed during the video include Informed Delivery; National Dog Bite Prevention Week; and new stamps, including Star Ribbon, Music Icons: Marvin Gaye and Post Office Murals.

She calls the stamp program “good for business” and encourages employees to tell their families and friends about the Postal Service’s offerings.


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As an internal customer, a Mail Handler, morale is at it’s lowest ever.

You can make all these pretty little videos you want. But until Management changes the prison type culture in the plants and stations, then none of this is going to matter.

Megan,you are out of touch, look internally and start fixing that, otherwise, it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

Tell your area and district manager that customer service is important. Not this, no ba king up more than 50 feet, or no delivering after 5 pm. We have been told if we are going to be out after 5, we need to just deliver the packages and not the mail. Also, that if we know we are going to be out later than 5 to let our postmaster know and then they have to ask for permission to use auxiliary help. If they do, it is denied. So tired of the micro managing that is being done. We are… Read more »