Video: How to Use USPS eSignature Online for Package Arrivals

Register your signature online so you can receive packages even when you’re not home!

USPS Electronic Signature Online lets you keep an electronic signature with USPS for an entire year.

Apply this electronic signature to any incoming packages that ship via Priority Mail Express®, require Signature Confirmation™, or are insured for over $500 when you cannot sign in person.

USPS will leave your packages in your mailbox or at a preferred delivery location if a package is too large for your mailbox.


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What about customers that sign the 3849? Clerk saying we can now deliver them as long as it doesnt have a return receipt attached. So they want us to redeliver all items if customer signed 3849. Is this allowed now or only allowed for express, signature, and insured?

From what I understand, they must be present when they sign for anything.

We do this now if you leave a 3849. Customer can sign and scan the square scan on phone for redelivery. You take item back out scan the signed 3849 signature leave item and bring 3849 back to office.

That was always allowed.

A signed 3849 is a request for redelivery or to allow a customer’s agent to sign for the item. It is NOT permission for carriers to leave items that require signatures, as recipients MUST be present at time of delivery to sign for the item. The shipper has paid for this service, NOT the recipient, and has done so to ENSURE delivery. A signed 3849 left in a mailbox by someone who might or might not be the actual recipient requesting the item be left in a mailbox or other location DOES NOT ensure delivery, and it most certainly does… Read more »