‘Valiant’ Postal Carrier Burns Hand Saving Somers Mail

The driver of the Somers Post Office mail truck said it was his loyalty to the community and the United States Postal Service that pushed him to try to save whatever he could as his truck went up in flames on Monday, April 8.

Jonathan Jusino, 34, a Brewster resident, said he was still shaken up and smelled of smoke during a phone call the next day. He’s worked for the Somers Post Office for more than 15 years and was driving the route he’s held for six years when the engine of his mail truck caught fire on Warren Street.

“I just want to make everyone aware that I came out OK injury wise,” Jusino said during a phone call Tuesday, April 9. “It was stressful to be in that situation.”


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Commendable but stupid…no amount of mail is worth risking your life for.
I thought the same thing until the standup safety talk on LLV fires changed my mind.

Another LLV bites the dust. If this was a vehicle driven by the general public, all of them would have been recalled years ago. But not the Post Office! No! They have their own set of rules.

The only time that the postal service is going to take these death traps off the road is when someone gets hurt bad unfortunately

Not even then, they will just have somebody to replace the injured or dead.

Was a fire extinguisher available in the vehicle?