Vaccine Mandate Still a Possibility for the Postal Service

The U.S. Postal Service is still keeping its options open for a COVID-19 vaccine mandate, saying on Wednesday it is not ruling out a requirement for its more than 600,000 employees.

USPS was originally subject to a Biden administration mandate for large employers, but the Supreme Court struck down that rule earlier this month. The Labor Department withdrew the rule “as an enforceable emergency temporary standard” this week, meaning the Postal Service is not currently on the hook for enforcing the requirement. While the mandate is no longer pending in court, it remains active through the regulatory process. Labor said even though the mandate is no longer immediately enforceable, it remains active as a proposed rule.

“The Postal Service continues to review and evaluate OSHA’s ongoing rulemaking process, and will wait until that process is concluded before determining the appropriate next steps,” said Darlene Casey, a USPS spokeswoman.

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If Covid is part of the workforce dropping off……most definitely the vaccine/mask mandate needs to be enforced! #1 – to protect yourself and others. #2 – if you choose not to participate you need to move on and open a position for a participating healthy co-worker,

M.E.P. You need to quit drinking the kool aid and really research this experimental vaccine. If they force this they are looking at lawsuits for any bad side effects + possible death. AND masks have been proven not to work. To each their own. If you want the shot and to wear a mask, go for it but why force others? You’re covered, right?? Also if you think there’s so many other’s lining up at the doors to work at the great USPS you are mistaken. Maybe you’re speaking for yourself so you can move up but don’t expect them… Read more »