USPS workers working later hours due to worker shortage

“We’re seeing postal trucks going around our neighborhoods at eight at night trying to do what they need to do,” said a homeowner.

She says her mail shows up late and, sometimes, not at all.

But why is mail taking longer and arriving later in the day?

“We do have pockets within the north state that are in need of more workers and more carriers,” said a USPS representative.

Current latter carriers are working overtime hours to compensate.

The USPS says there are policies in place to protect employees from working after dark.

“They have headlamps while they’re delivering at night, and often we have them delivering in pairs,” said the representative.

The USPS says letter carriers are paid extra when they work overtime, and the extra shifts are optional.

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So the Post Office takes on extra junk mail and packages with a worker shortage. You can’t fix stupid