USPS worker investigated for throwing out mail is Qanon follower

Agents found several different classes of mail in the bags, including small packages, and would go piece by piece to create an inventory before delivering the mail, a USPS spokesperson said. However, neighbors reported that large numbers of bags have been collected from outside the house on Sunday nights for pickup the next day for the last several weeks.

According to Pittsburgh City Paper, the mail carrier is Sean Troesch, a supporter of the Qanon conspiracy theory, which partly claims that celebrities and Democrats are running a worldwide child prostitution ring and eat babies in order to consume hormones produced by their adrenal glands. The conspiracy also purports that President Trump has been working quietly to bring these traffickers and cannibals to justice.

Screenshots of a since-deleted Facebook account allegedly belonging to Troesch show he has shared Qanon-centric posts for the last several months, including a meme that implies the “mainstream media” is covering “staged race riots” to distract from “child trafficking and paedophilia.” Facebook has made several new policy decisions recently in an effort to band and drive Qanon pages and groups away from the platform.

Troesch also shared anti-quarantine restriction posts and memes on the platform.

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