USPS Will Pay Postmaster General-Connected Company $120M

Louis DeJoy is the Postmaster General and has created an intricate web of financial conflicts which will ultimately cost $120 million to taxpayers over the next five years.

XPO Logistics, a freight transportation company, pays DeJoy and family businesses at least $2.1 million every year to lease four office buildings in North Carolina, The Washington Post reported.

DeJoy, who was the chief supply chain executive for XPO in 2014-2015 after New Breed Logistics bought DeJoy’s trucking company DeJoy owned since more than 30 years.

The Post reports that DeJoy and his families have sold between $65.4 and $155.3 millions worth of XPO shares since he was made postmaster general.

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Taxpayers don’t pay the Post Office! The people who write these articles are complete idiots.

Who other than Taxpayers uses the post office. You are a complete idiot.

I thought that customers (i.e. people who choose to send letters/packages via the USPS) are the people who use the post office. Would you call the people who buy burgers at McDonalds “taxpayers”? Yes, they may be, but that is just a coincidence. Paying taxes has nothing to do with buying burgers at McDonalds. If I get cold fries, I don’t storm up to the counter demanding better fries because I am a taxpayer.

Tis true. I hate when they say taxpayers. USPS pays this chooch, he’s just padding his take.

De Joy is NO JOY FOR AMERICAN USPS! Fire the man who is just like Trump fleecing TAXPAYERS!

It does not say why the usps is paying 120m. Get all the facts before running off to the mouth. Typical

DeJoy has saved the post office millions in overtime pay to Carrier’s, Clerks and Drivers. Don’t believe these political hacks! They are lying!

I work as a clerk for USPS and let me tell you something…. In the 8 months I’ve been with USPS, I have not had 1 week where I didn’t work over 60 hours voluntarily (not forced to work extra due to short staff, high customer demand, etc…). Meaning that I get paid time and a half for 10 hrs and double for 10 hours. My paycheck is twice the amount that it should be, which is great. Almost every other clerk statewide that I know is able to do this without a hitch. Carriers are making even more! When… Read more »

Poorly written. This article doesn’t say what the connection is between XPO and USPS, or why it creates a conflict. It leaves me wondering how many “families” Mr. DeJoy has.

The answer to your question, the connection between the USPS and XPO is that XPO Freight Company backs its trucks up to the loading docks at USPS Facilities and loads them up with US Mail. Id say that is a connection.