USPS urges local jurisdictions to advise voters to send mail-in ballots at least 15 days before election

LOS ANGELES – The United States Postal Service is advising local jurisdictions that their voters should send in mail-in ballots no later than 15 days before Election Day.

“We recommend that jurisdictions immediately communicate and advise voters to request ballots at the earliest point allowable but no later than 15 days prior to election date,” USPS told FOX via email. “The Postal Service also recommends that voters contact local election officials for information about deadlines.”, a non-profit voting registration organization, details absentee ballot application deadlines and voter absentee ballot deadlines for each state.

“Voters must use First-Class Mail or an expedited level of service to return their completed ballots,“ USPS said. “Customers who opt to vote through the U.S. Mail must understand their local jurisdiction’s requirements for timely submission of absentee ballots, including postmarking requirements.”

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NO MAIL IN BALLOTS! Go to the polls and vote like everybody else is! People go to work and get groceries so no EXCUSES about doing your civic duty which is driving to the polls! The absentee ballots from the military servicemen for the 2008 election (when Obama won) were NOT EVEN counted! I wonder why they were held back?!?! You think the P.O. is run by the pedophile democrats? If your are a person of color you should k ow better than this if you live with any form of integrity for human life!! Wake up Americans! If you… Read more »