USPS truck goes up in flames mid-route in Sarasota County,FL

SARASOTA COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – On Oct. 13, Sarasota County resident Dave Nisley said he didn’t receive any of his mail.

He later found out about 65 other families in the area were in the same boat. His mail carrier’s truck caught fire mid-route destroying everything inside.

Nisley said a wedding invitation, a few checks and a sample ballot were among the mail lost in the fire. He went to the USPS office on Beneva Road to verify if his mail had, in fact, been destroyed.

“I asked to speak to the supervisor, he came right out and spoke with me,” said Nisley. “We talked about the truck burning and he said it was under investigation and once the investigation was complete, they would issue a letter. That has been a couple of weeks ago, still haven’t heard anything.”

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