USPS truck catches fire during delivery in Rockland, MA

ROCKLAND – A USPS truck burst into flames on Wednesday morning while a carrier was delivering mail on Winding Way. The postal carrier was able to get out of the truck on her own, and managed to save all the mail in the vehicle.

Rockland firefighters responded to a call from the mail carrier shortly before noon on Wednesday. Fire Chief Scott Duffey said the carrier noticed smoke coming from the truck’s dashboard and assumed the vehicle was overheating.

She called her shift supervisor, who brought her another vehicle, and by the time the supervisor arrived the car was engulfed in flames.

“When I showed up the amount of fire in the vehicle was amazing,” Duffey said. “They are a very lightweight vehicle and I think they are made of aluminum. By the time I got there the roof and driver area were just completely melted.”

Firefighters extinguished the flames within 10 minutes. The fire singed the vegetation lining the road, but didn’t spread any further. First responders cleared the scene by 12:30 p.m. and nobody was injured.


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ANOTHER ONE??? Hope all is OK

Ya think we need new trucks? ?‍♂️

I think the weight of what we are carrying is too much for all these vehicles

The new ones can’t come soon enough??

just boggles the mind to know they send us out everyday in these death traps without even a second thought….

Not again… Hope the carrier is ok

but, DON’T BACK UP !!!! Like THAT is our biggest concern….lol

Why is D.O.T. even allowing these death traps on the street….should NOT be happening! Fix them or let us drive our own!

I’ve spent several hours looking up regulations for these. Sadly, there aren’t many. Since it’s a government/federal vehicle, they do not fall under, or have to adhere to DOT regulations. Pretty sad, really.

Why not mine ?

like that aint never happened before….


Time for all Rural Carriers to go back to POV’s.

Another one bites the dust…. I wish mine would..I’m tired of dealing with it everyday….

The older they get, the more the wiring gets brittle and worn.

Was this carrier disciplined for saving the mail? Carrier in our area is undergoing removal right now for being injured in a vehicle fire because he tried to save the mail.

Why would you park one truck right behind one that is on fire??

I was in an LLV that you could actually hear the fluids in the engine bubble..

Death Traps !!

Get rid of these death traps! now!

But is the mail and packages ok?

Whats gotta happen for them to get better vehicles for us to deliver in someone big needs to step in and demand them to have them all replaced for the safety of the carriers!!

Keep sending us out in them ???????

Thank God no injuries. Yes they are made of aluminum.

And to think the goverment gave the manufacture of these trucks the specs on how to build