USPS touts service improvements

The U.S. Postal Service has been in the news recently as newspaper industry advocates such as the News Media Alliance have raised alarms on possible rate increases. The National Newspaper Association has raised concerns about service standards.

For its part, USPS  has provided service performance data for the week of May 29 through June 4, 2021. During the period, First-Class Mail and Periodicals experienced positive improvement in service delivery, says USPS, while Marketing Mail saw a slight decline.

Key performance indicators for the week of May 29th include:

First-Class Mail: 89.95 percent of First-Class Mail was delivered on time, a 1.06 percent increase from the week of May 22.

Marketing Mail: 90.67 percent of Marketing Mail was delivered on time, a 1.29 percent decline from week of May 22.

Periodicals: 80.70 percent of Periodicals were delivered on time, a 1.31 percent increase from the week of May 22. Many community newspapers use the periodicals rate.

Service improvement for First-Class Mail and Periodicals for the week of May 29 can be attributed to the implementation of initiatives laid out under the Postal Service’s 10-year plan “Delivering for America,” says USPS


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