USPS to send employee newsletter using Informed Delivery

Every few months, Postal Service employees receive an Area Update newsletter in their mailboxes.

It will soon arrive in their inboxes, too.

Beginning this month, employees who subscribe to Informed Delivery will receive a digital preview of the latest Area Update before it arrives in the mail.

The preview, which will appear in Informed Delivery daily digest emails, will show a modified version of the Area Update cover.

The previews will also include a promotion for Link mobile, the mobile-friendly version of the Link site.

“We are thrilled to be able to pair our flagship employee print publication with one of our most recent digital features, Informed Delivery,” said Janice Walker, the Postal Service’s Corporate Communications vice president. “USPS products and services are among the best and most innovative in the industry. We are proud to extend the mail moment and enhance the delivery experience for our own employees.”

The Postal Service publishes a quarterly Area Update for each of the organization’s seven geographic areas. The publications cover a variety of topics, including employees’ efforts to promote USPS products and services, workplace safety and local stamp dedication ceremonies.

Each employee receives the newsletter for his or her area, and all issues are available on Blue and LiteBlue.

In addition to offering digital previews of incoming mail, Informed Delivery allows users to manage their packages from computers, smartphones and other devices.

The free feature is part of the Postal Service’s efforts to innovate and deliver excellent customer experiences, two core strategies.


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If an employee has signed up for Informed Delivery, then why would they be sent a hard copy also in the mail?…. isn’t that a waste of money and resources?….also sending out that stamp booklet to every employee is also a collosal waste of money….but the taxpayer is picking up the bill so CFO Joseph Corbett doesn’t give a damn that it’s a waste of money.

The informed delivery is one of the dumbest damn idea these idiots have ever come up with. They can’t even get the mail to the right post office on some days. We have customers raising hell because they didn’t get what they were supposed to that day because it ended up at the wrong office. Complete idiots running the show, so down the toilet we go.