USPS to launch market test for Plus One

USPS to launch market test for Plus One

The United States Postal Service® (USPS®) filed a notice on August 13 with the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) of its intent to test market a new product called Plus One. This is an experimental product that will be test marketed starting on October 1, 2019. The USPS plans to run the market test for a period of two years, although this could vary depending on the success of the test.

What is Plus One?

Plus One is an addressed advertising card that may be mailed as an add-on piece with a USPS Marketing Mail® letter “marriage mail” envelope containing multiple advertising pieces. Marriage mail is a service provided by third-party providers who combine advertisements from multiple businesses into a single mailpiece. The goal of this new product is to offer small and medium size businesses (primary users of marriage mail) an expanded, affordable channel to market through the mail. This will benefit mail service providers by providing another service offering to retain and grow business and benefit the USPS by expanding its customer base.

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Do not offer something that can not or will not run on the machines at a low price. we are reaching all over the trucks for piles, DPS Flats Dps Letters crap not machined.. Big parcels in back, maybe there is space to get to them with out moving junk over it.. most of these trays empty at different times so constant reloading way over the 5 minutes. Please there are really only two spots on the LLV trays that are easy to reach. Stop adding extra and wondering why work can not get done or takes time to do..… Read more »

Agreed, why marriage mail and not just an addressed envelope full of ads like the ValPaks that we already get

Who the hell wants more junk in their mailbox? This is a good way to revive do not mail legislation. ????

USPS can’t afford to purchase letter carriers with new vehicles with A/C to make their job less stressful. Marriage mail is a waste and customer hate it.

Why don’t we just put 1 million plus people out of work and shut the whole usps down? That “junk” mail employees millions of people in many different fields, usps, print, advertising, mail houses, etc.. and the ROI for direct mail is through the roof, much higher than any form of digital marketing! Ask all the advertisers what marketing avenues work and there is a reason why they choose direct mail.

Nobody wants more junk in their mailbox. But what can you say? It’s Postal logic, go figure

oh yes give us another pile to carry. Oh and make sure you have them put plenty of wax on them so they slide all over. Also make the address a little bit smaller cause theres a few of us that can still read the print without a magnifying glass. Customers already complain about us putting all the crap in their box. oh yes and make sure they pay less than 4 cents a piece so we go broke faster. They day you send them out make sure you ask for extra scans and them bitch cause we don’t get… Read more »

Teresa Clark you read my mind.

Omg amen

???????????????? exactly!!!

Marriage mail is incompatible with automated mail processing. it was a product of the time a carrier spent half his day getting the route in carry order. It is all too easy for the non career. none trained employees to send and half of the marriage through the system. And then you have a card in customers hand with the warning about the married piece which she never gets.

Another brilliantly conceived idea from the past. What goes around, comes around…
Don’t forget these are the same people who think these innovations are the greatest thing since sliced bread… And they will never touch the mail !!
Why don’t they ask the workers what works?? Why? because they would be out of a job!!

You got that right

Oh yes, people in those positions need to raise revenue ina positive way. Not to justify their job.

Value pack been used before !!!

This is not new. This is definitely a blast from the past. Dont forget to request your 3996!


It is the number of the USPS form used by letter carriers to inform his local management that because of the work load they can not deliver every piece that day and complete his assignment in 8 hours. The extra handling that marraige mail cost in addition to the additional mail which must be cased so that he knows he has so many pieces needing to get to the alter to be married. Management then has to decide whether: 1. To curtail some mail for the next day, something that rarely happens anymore. 2. Find some other carrier to assist… Read more »


Is this the best the PO can do?

Stop giving mail carrier’s more junk jail to carry they get more than enough junk mail now don’t need no more

Over the last 10 years the carrier’s job has more then doubled. Over the same period of time our paycheck has not doubled or for that even seen a sufficient raise. Sure the contract shows we received raises but nobody notices our benifits have cost more out of our pocket. The raises were all negated by the rise of these benifits. More Injuried workers, some even dieing because of the eliments and management keeps screaming were loosing money. How about eliminating all the jobs created for the bosses with made up titles just so they can be hidden in the… Read more »

Cry Babies. If U want to get paid to do nothing become a Postmaster

Is there any common sense to b found in management anymore?
Heres an idea: raise prices on stuff ppl DONT want (junk mail), & LOWER prices on stuff (stamps) ppl use – to encourage MORE use!!

Unfortunately people don’t use stamps for that anymore, they use the computer we are commenting with. There is no getting around being on the wrong side of history. The only people who want what we have to sell is the advertiser because we work for the sender, not the receiver.

The marriage mail we deliver now is dangerous enough. I wonder how many carriers have been injured trying to handle the trash. The people that comes up with these ideas are clearly idiots that have never had to deliver this trash.

More charging the customer pennies and paying dollars in OT to deliver them.

Why USPS dont get in the same business as Amazon, instead of shipping, also selling. USPS has every thing they need to set up the same platform as Amazon. Let leases were house and start a new beginning bright and strong and strong and give Amazon a good challenge.USPS has to wake up from the old fashion and get into the REAL WORLD.Thank you very much.

We never stopped having the cards. Our marriage mail comes with a separate Ruby Tuesday’s card.

USPS loses money whenever OT is required to deliver this junk. Does anyone in management have a business degree?