USPS to discontinue stand alone Informed Delivery apps

The Postal Service will discontinue one of its two mobile applications that offer Informed Delivery, the free feature that allows customers to preview their incoming mail.

The app that is being discontinued is a standalone application that only offers users access to their Informed Delivery information. Among Informed Delivery’s 38 million users, about 750,000 use this app.

This app will be removed from all download platforms — including the Android, iOS and Windows app stores — this summer. Users will receive notifications about the app being discontinued.

Customers will still be able to access Informed Delivery notifications through their mobile devices using the regular USPS Mobile app, as well as through their email and

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I sure enjoy seeing what is coming to my mailbox. I hope a replacement will work as efficiently!

Never happen if usps has anything to do with it.

There isn’t much of a difference in using the USPS mobile app. The experience is identical. Now you just have 1 extra click.

I just wanted to ask, does the USPS app keep you logged in to informed delivery? Mine doesn’t, so I have to log in every time, compared to the standalone app staying logged in

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Let me know if you figure something out; I too do not like having to log in every time for my Informed Delivery info. I usually check it multiple times a day when awaiting packages. USPS’ competitors do not have you log in every time to their apps, so I would hope USPS would catch on and realize that it’s inconvenient that they do…

I’m on iOS btw

You can go to the setting to change it to where you don’t have to sign in everytime.

Where are settings in the USPS app? I do not see a settings option…

It’s similar, but as was mentioned before, you have to login each time, and also there is this annoying “Chat now!” window at the bottom of the page that you can’t make go away. Both apps are just webviews, although informed delivery does a slightly better job hiding that, so you have less clutter on the screen.

See the side by side:

Leave it to usps to make things more difficult

Anything coming from a government run agency won’t make your simple, quite the opposite!

I just put the app on my phone. Will usps now send a text message to my phone (in addition to desktop computer) when I have mail?

How do I know if I have the app being discontinued? I currently get an email every day letting me know what mail is on the way or I can log in on my laptop and see the same information. Will these be discontinued June 12?

Why do I have to sign in each time I use the new app? Definitely not better.

I don’t appreciate that my mother in law can see my packages as well as her own just because we live in the same apt, my mail is mine not this apt so why do they have the right to see my mail that should be illegal I should be able to block people from seeing any of my packages or opt out of my mail being given out freely.

I doubt your mother-in-law appreciates that you can see her packages, either. Works both ways, Karen.

Punctuation Karen

This app will no longer let me sign up for text updates on my packages.

So you aren’t able to see the mail that’s getting dropped off

I am no longer receiving daily informed delivery daily emails. Why?